Senaltek engineering provides Forensic engineering services for a range of clients. Working with insurance companies, legal council, and commercial clients, we have the experience to assess and evaluate a wide range of damage and failures in structures and foundations.  

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Post-Disaster Investigations

Our team can provide site inspection and assessment following an incident to understand cause of failure and/or extent of damage to both structures and foundations. As well, we produce a variety of reports where needed.



We provide a number of individual assessment services including:

  • Structural Condition

  • Foundation Integrity

  • Cause of Failure

  • Damage Assessment

  • Design v.s ‘as-built’ assessment and remedy

  • Building Envelope Assessment

Expert Reports

We have the expertise to provide clients with technical reports including:

  • Scope of Repair

  • Opinion Summary

  • Expert Opinion

  • Deficiency Identification

  • Custom technical reports

Litigation Support

We provide expert opinion reports for legal clients. As well, we provide independent expert opinion design review for contract litigation for technical deficiencies in small and large scale structural projects.


We have the expertise to investigate and assess several issues including:

  • Structural collapse

  • Roof / truss failure

  • Wall collapse

  • Foundation failure

  • Adjacent construction-vibration damage

  • Damage due to slope design failure

  • Site drainage failure

  • Shoring problems

  • Building envelope water intrusion

  • Aged structure instability

  • Farm building damage

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