Our team brings a range of experience with the following expertise:

finite element analysis model stress.png

Finite Element Analysis

We have the expertise to provide finite element analysis for a variety of cases.

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Helical (screw) piles

Our experts can design helical piles including helix size, spacing, and weld for a wide range of applications.

We have the expertise to design helical piles in-house along with the design for any structure, foundation or other engineering project. This avoids the additional time and cost of revision cycles between engineers and helical pile vendors. This means faster project delivery, more efficient execution and costs savings for our clients.

Helical (screw) pile projects include static and dynamic foundations for:

  • Compressor foundations

  • Communication Towers

  • Signs and Billboards

  • Light Poles

  • Retaining Walls

  • Pipelines

  • Retrofitting existing structures

  • Wind Turbine foundations

Velocity graph.png

Vibration Diagnostics

Senaltek excels when it comes to structural dynamics, soil dynamics, and soil-structure interaction. We accurately diagnose and find innovative solutions to vibration problems whether they are from inadequate initial design or changes in design conditions.

Some of our projects include: retrofitting foundations for vibrating machinery, designing vibration isolation, and vibration mitigation.

dynamic machinery supports.jpg

Machinery Supports

Dynamic and Static

Our team has leading experts on supports and foundations for dynamic loads. This bolsters our teams’ expertise in designing foundations supporting vibrating machinery such as pumps, compressors, turbine-generators, industrial fans, engines, rotary mills, vibrating screens, crushers, and centrifuges. We also design helical piles in conjunction with machine foundations including steel skids and conventional concrete supports.

false-work shoring structure

False-work & Shoring

We have specialized experience to design both false-work and shoring systems for new and existing structures.

Post Tensioning.jpg


We have experience with post-tensioning design and construction implementation in both bonded and un-bonded systems.

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Unique Cases

If there is a unique project, Senaltek can provide you with an engineering solution including consultation services for unconventional projects. These unique projects have included: blast-resistant structures, solar farms, wind-turbines, intake structures, dams and power houses to name a few.