Providing Expert support in Dynamic Analysis and Design

With over 45 years combined experience specializing in machine foundation design, dynamic analysis and vibration diagnostics, and one of the leading experts in the field, Senaltek delivers analysis and design for a range of projects.

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Senaltek excels when it comes to structural dynamics, soil dynamics, soil-foundation-structure interaction, and vibration isolation. We accurately diagnose and find innovative solutions to vibration problems arising from inadequate initial design or changes in design conditions. Our approach accounts for the interaction between the soil, foundation and structure and includes any machine-induced dynamic loads.

We also provide expert opinions for forensic assessments as well as expert witness reports and testimony.

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Our team has leading experts on the design of structures and foundations subjected to dynamic loads. This bolsters our teams’ expertise in designing foundations supporting vibrating machinery such as pumps, compressors, turbine-generators, industrial fans, engines, rotary mills, vibrating screens, crushers, and centrifuges. We also specialize in the design of helical (screw) piles for machine foundations including steel skids and conventional concrete supports.

Finite element analysis

We have the expertise to provide finite element analysis for a variety of cases and for use in various industries.


Our Expertise Includes

  • Helical (screw) pile design for machine foundations

  • Vibration analysis and diagnostics

  • Structural dynamics assessments

  • Finite element analysis and numerical modeling

  • Modal analysis

  • Stress analysis

  • Soil-foundation-structure interaction evaluation and design

  • Steel Skid foundations for vibrating equipment

  • Expert Reports

  • Forensic assessment

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